PFFI Policies

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Convention Rules of Order

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Collective Bargaining


44-1802.  COLLECTIVE BARGAINING RIGHTS OF FIREFIGHTERS — REPRESENTATION BY BARGAINING AGENT. The firefighters in any city, county, fire district or other political subdivision in the state of Idaho shall have the right to bargain collectively with their respective cities, counties, fire districts or political subdivisions and to be represented by a bargaining agent in such collective bargaining process as to wages, rates of pay, working conditions and all other terms and conditions of employment.


[44-1802, added 1970, ch. 138, sec. 2, p. 333.]


An effective Fire Ops 101 event requires time and commitment. Anticipate challenges and prepare to manage the unexpected. Keep it simple to help ensure a safe event and make each scenario that requires direct hands-on participation as basic as you can. 

Here you will see a Fire Ops Video from our Locals in the Boise area.

2020 Fire Ops 101 will be held at the Hamer Facility in Richland Wa. on March 19 and 20 

Power Through Participation

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Curtis Smith
Secretary Treasurer
Professional Firefighters of Idaho

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01 2nd District Campbell Welcome Letter

 01 3rd District Hirschi Letter

01 4th District Res Letter

01 PFFI District Welcome Letter

01 PFFI Local Welcome Letter

01 PFFI President Welcome Letter

01 1st District Pichette Welcome Letter

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0201 Recommended Reading

0202 What Does Union Mean

0203 The Past is Prologue

0204 20th Century Triumphs of American Worker

0205 Why Unions Matter

0206 Meet the New Faces of American Unions

0207 A Short History of American Labor

0208 Tab 2 Review

Tab 3
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0301 Mission 9/30/09


0302 PFFI Contact Info  3/2013


0303 A Brief History of Significant Events

0304 PFFI Legislative History

0305 PFFI Past Leadership

0306 Tab 3 PFFI Review

0301 Mission

03 PFFI Contact Info

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0401 PFFI Member Benefits

0402 IAFF Member Benefits

0403 MERP Davies Intro Letter

0404 WSCFF MERP Overview

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0501 Walsh Cover

0502 A Bold Union

0503 A Legacy to Honor

0504 IAFF Leadership

 0505 Building for the Future.doc