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Shaun Laughlin
  • 2nd District Vice President
  • fireshaun804@gmail.com
  • 208-989-8869
  • Shaun Laughlin- I am happy to serve the 2nd District of the PFFI! My name is Shaun Laughlin, and I am in my 17th year with the Nampa Fire Department. I am the Captain of Engine 4 on C Shift, an ALS Engine serving the northwest section of Nampa.
    I began my Union career when I started with Nampa, making the transition of member to PAC Treasurer within two years, a position which I still hold today. I have also been the Nampa Firefighters Local 804 Secretary and Vice president, spending over 10 years in the Local leadership. I have done the work a lot of you do in your Locals, such as organizing a Fill the Boot, Rake Up Nampa, Brush Up Nampa, and run our annual Easter Egg Hunt. I have also been a contract negotiator for four contracts, most of which were during the recession, having worked hard with our team to avoid layoffs and hold on to our benefits.
    I am a member of your PFFI lobbying team, and worked with EVP Shoplock and others to secure Occupational Cancer coverage for Idaho firefighters. I have also testified in the Legislature for the reduction of cancer-causing chemicals used on and in every-day items that we contact, and against legislation that could make it harder for firefighters to get covered for mesothelioma. I am dedicated to making our firefighters’ lives safer, and retirement more secure and enjoyable.