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Roy Parker Scholarship
  1. Must be a child or legally adopted child of an active PFFI member or active retired member.
  2. Have enrolled as a full-time student in an academic or technical program at a college, university or technical program
  3. May be at any time during the applicants first four years of college. (Even if the applicant is awarded a scholarship in their first year they may put in the following three years.)
  4. High consideration for selection will be based on a demonstrated commitment to public service


Provide an essay up to 500 words based on the Following Topic:

“How can citizens of the United States begin to bridge the gap of partisan politics?  Furthermore, how can we create a broader sense of community with these perceived differences?  What roles might your generation play in the process of community building?  Lastly, what do you see as the role for unions within the idea of community building”

Applicants who submit this form and meet the appropriate requirements agree to the following:

  1. All scholarship winners will be notified in writing after the announcement at the PFFI annual convention.
  2. All applications and writing samples become the property of the Professional Fire Fighters of Idaho.
  3. I verify to the best of my abilities that the information contained in this application is accurate and correct.  My guardian has signed this application verifying the accuracy of the information contained herein.
  4. I agree to the terms and conditions of the Professional Fire Fighters Scholarship Program.  I authorized the PFFI to verify all aspects of this application with my high school or the employer of my guardian.


Application and attachments must be postmarked no later than Febuary 15, 2019, to be considered.  Late applications (those postmarked after February 15) will not be accepted.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application has been delivered to the PFFI office.

Send completed application and attachments to:

Roy Parker Scholarship

C/O Curtis Smith

PO Box 2620

Pocatello Idaho 83204